Monday, January 26, 2004

2 days WOW

This makes two days in a row...holy moly..I can't believe it..this is alot easier than finding a pen and wondering if I am gonna be able to read my hand writing and the big plus is that I am able to backspace hahah...

Really I am gonna write in my journal too...a yr is a long time to be apart and I am sure I can't just print out this long old blog a yr from now.. FIL and is women have Shelby for a few hrs..I decided that I could let them watch her and I could come clean up my room, do some laudry and pick up the house a little...I did accomplish my tasks!!

Hooray for me.

I still haven't heard from hubby but no news is good news..I am sure he is really busy but I can't wait to hear how he is doing

I am outta here for now I will be back hahahah

I love you Baby!!!