Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas is coming....

Since Christmas is upon us I thought I'd share some of the kids favorite things.....

How can you not love Fancy Nancy??

My mother-in-law started the girls on the Fancy Nancy book series, last year!! This little girl is so darling, the illustrations are bright, colorful and very detailed. Everything in French sounds fancy and of course my girls can not eat ice cream without making it fancy. They have easy readers too for those with kid beginning to read. I would love to see them come out with a movie!

I love IKEA!

My aunt introduced me to them if ever get a chance to go to one of the stores, GO it's a MUST!! We have the KALAS the kids textile set. I actually picked up another set when I went to the Atlanta store a couple months ago and a table and chair set too, SVALA. $40 bucks real wood with two chairs I painted it pink and purple. I love all the products we have bought from them.

Brain Quest

These are AWESOME!! They start at age 2 and go up. It's perfect one on one time with your kids while learning at the same time. We take them when we go out to dinner it kills time when you are waiting on a table. They are small enough to fit in to a purse. S sometimes opts for this instead of choosing a book at bedtime. The Brain Quest website has a listing of all the products. You can find them at Target and Toys R Us.

S got this last Christmas, she loves it and so does mommy!! The one we have is just a single board and it has the magnets on the back. I wish I would have gotten this version instead. U can interchange the chores out on ours they gave blank ones also so you could make up whatever you wanted to add.

S's favorite games are Letters on the Loose, Kindergarten, & Animal Genius. She has a couple other but these are the ones she plays the most. H also picks it up and draws with it, colors in pictures. They have a new version Leapster2, you can hook it up to your computer and see your childs strengths and weaknesses. I love it, it's educational and portable!!

I highly recommend the Leapster DVD's they sell them in a set of five now, Amazon has them. My kids love to watch them, which is how Shelby learned her ABC's sounds. As you can tell we are Leapfrog lovers in this house. We also have Fridge Phonics, Word Whammer, USA puzzle map & Phonic Railroad. The railroad is not as popular these days, ebay is where I got ours last year.

I have recently discovered a toy site I thought I'd share Fat Brain Toys! Go check it out they have what appears to be unique, quality toys.


Uneekdolldesigns said...

I used the Brainquest a lot when my kids were younger, and the v-tech toys are great too! (Now they are teenagers!)

Jessica said...

Thanks for leaving a comment.

I love the Responsibility chart. And we have one of the Fancy Nancy books. We are love Pinkalicious and theres a Purplelicious too!

Megan said...

It's the pidgin Night Before Christmas.

By the way, I love this post. Im on the hunt to get Layla at least 1 Fancy Nancy book for Christmas. We also were able to borrow the brain quest cards from a friend when I mentioned seeing them on your blog :P I love all the stuff you have for your girls!

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