Sunday, September 21, 2008

Officially Addicted


If you haven't become addicted go ahead click then link and be absorbed in. She is an amazing writer and the recipe blogs are awesome! I've been so sick of eating the same stuff lately that she has opened the doors for some new recipes. We had Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich which isn't figure friendly and will make ya need to hit the gym a couple extra hours. J liked it and I didn't use a big enough pan to lay the meat in a single layer and I also had to drain some of the juices off, I'd give it 4 stars. I have a list of the ones I want to try next up will be the Onion Strings - Oh Yeah, Baby.

She is also giving away a pretty lil espresso machine so go comment and if you win you owe me a cup and I'll do the same for you hehehe. Hurry up it ends 12 noon Pacific time today!!!

So if you have been making her recipes I'd love to know the ones you have tired and liked.


starzz said...

I love that webpage as well! I made her pot roast last night :)

Jill said...

i was wondering who 'just another army wife' was commenting on my blog ;)

ill DEF b stalking so you DEF better keep updating ;) pics are always a plus :}

Tara said...

I just added you to my blog roll. Thanks for visiting my page. I will be back at yours, too. I love the layout!!