Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been forever!!

I am ALIVE!! Sometime has really passed since I have posted but I am going to try and get back in the swing of things. After all my husband has made it home safely!!! I am so glad it's all over, your really don't know what its like unless you have been through it.

So a little update, lets roll back to where I left off........

Hubby left June 07 for Iraq and life got in the way with me running this place alone. It's never fun but someone has to do it. So December S was in a wedding which was an hour or so north of here so that helped a little with the holidays. I was still able to see some of our family. At this point which was less than halfway of deployment I drove J nuts with asking about R&R. For those who have no idea what I am talking about that is Rest & Relaxation way from the desert. It's 18 days (because he was doing a 15mth tour) which they end up taking away from your leave days (vacation days). It should be free time but that is the military for ya it's never they way it should be. Ok back to life and to make a long story short he showed up on the door step the day after Christmas. I was completely speechless. Christmas was I think the hardest day for me out of the whole deployment at least its the day I remember the most. With J showing up the following morning made things a little bit better. Once I got over the shock of him being home I immediately thought about him leaving. I guess with the suprise I didn't have time to prepare myself for that next adjustment. He was home still mid Jan, the kids loved every minute of it and I knew him leaving was gonna be hard on them.

Earlier in the year S started ice skating lessons and was still in Pre-K. New and old friends came into my life and it was great because they kept me going. H turned 2 in Feb and family from NY was down to celebrate with us. I started school in April, fun fun. J's time was cut short, imagine that he came home mid July so 14 mths is what he ended up doing. S turned 5 the day J came home from Iraq, two days later she started K. This school that she is going to is year round. J's leave time started and we took time and went and visited family and went up to the mountains.

So that is a brief update on life.... more soon!


Karina said...

yeah!!!! I kept cking wondering where u went!

Becky said...

Hi, glad to see you are alive. I check your post periodically (you reeled me in a while ago with your crafts) but hadn't seen anything. We may share another site ("Cinc"?) but I wasn't sure. Anyway, now I officially "follow" your post since I learned how to do that and don't ahve to save these all in my favorites folder. ps- 15 mo. is WAY too long, I agree!

Jennifer said...

yay, glad your back!!!!! yea like everyone else said. i've been checking in every so often.