Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ever think??

Your life could be made into a movie or book??? For some reason thats all I can think about lately. I guess I should not be complaining. The drama I had in September which seems to be continuing into October, am I gonna have a boring month soon?? Between our life and friends lives I think we could make a pretty good movie, anyone wanna watch? jking!

I feel like I've been on the go for ever now and I once I felt the sickies coming I decided I'd take the weekend off. Well, not off...because how are the kids gonna eat or how are diapers gotta get changed. As hard as it may be I did it. I turned down the phone calls to go out with my friends on Saturday and Sunday because I needed time for me just to be lazy, well not really lazy I should say be a home body.

I am ready for cooler weather so I can turn on the fire place and pour me a cup of cocoa. Even getting the urge to sew again. I need to de-stash the closet seriously!! I am looking forward to these last few months of 2007 flying by. I am almost at my 11 month mark, I seriously wish it was over already until then I'll keep dreaming for Sept 08!