Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Great week?

Can u really say that u are have a great week when its only Tuesday?

Yesterday I turned 28 ekkk...I can't believe I am almost 30.

Shelby was accepted into a Pre-K program which I am super excited about. She is gonna love having other lil kids her age around her on a regular basis. I was skeptical at first but once we went and checked out the place I felt like everything was gonna workout. J was able to go with us so that helped. Follow your heart is what they say huh, well I did. She starts until August.

Yesterday was also ballet make up day. I can't wait for the recital she has her costume. I need to go buy her new tights. They are doing a photoshoot this week, I hope they turn out cute. Family is coming into town for the recital..its gonna be exciting!! She is enjoying ballet so much that we are gonna continue this summer and she will move up to ballet/tap. We watched an older class a couple of weeks ago that were doing tap and S said she wanted a pair of those shoes they make noise...so funny.

Today I did my first set of alterations two dresses for the military ball. I was SCARED at first but I felt confident and guess what, they turned out perfect.

Hopefully the rest of the week will go wonderfully!!