Friday, April 13, 2007


Where does time go?? So much has changed around here in the last couple of weeks.

S now has bunk beds and gets to choose which bunk to sleep on, how fun is that! H is sleeping in the toddler bed by herself its a big adjustment for her, but last night was her first full night sleeping without waking up. I weaned her from breastfeeding so thats another new thing for her. So it was a bit harder than S was but I breastfed her til 18 mth, H is almost 14 mths.

I am happy with the change but sad that my babies are growing up!

H is starting interacted in her own lil ways each day. She is self feeding and can respond yes & no, if u ask her a simple question.....Like, Are u done eating? She will shake her head yes or no. She says yum when she eats, point out mom in pictures, knows how to give kisses & hugs...which is oh so cute, waves bye-bye these are my favorites. Now if she will just get over being upset when I leave we will be doing good.

H eating a mini ice cream cone..she's so much like her momma

S is doing good too. She is still doing ballet and has a recital in a couple months. Her costume should be here soon so I'll be sure to share pics of that when I get it in my hands. I think she is having seperation anxiety issues here least thats what I think it is.

S after church Easter Sunday


Karina said...

i know they grow soo fast!