Monday, March 05, 2007

Why & When??

Every night she asks...

Why is daddy at work all the time?
When is daddy coming home?

It's dinner time S sets the table.....
Shel: I got daddy a fork mommy
Me: sorry S daddy isn't coming home tonight either.

It really sucks that its hard to explain time. I guess we are gonna make some countdown paper rings maybe that will help.
For u ladies who are from this area if u have any places that are good places to kill some time with the kids. We have been to Facinate U and some parks the library. I recently heard about a ranch that I plan to take them too.


Jennifer said...

I have some friends who put m&m's in a jar and give the children one a day to count down for daddy. maybe that can help? sorry she's having a hard time :(

Karina said...

Jennifer told you what I do, I know its hard, and sad!

Christi said...

yeah candy in a jar is what I do. It's so hard for little ones to understand :( Oh and if you dont know an exact date just put a rough estimate of candy in the jar then as it gets closer put in or take out as necessary (without little eyes seeing of course) They wont notice the ones missing or added :)