Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bathroom Makeover

We did a makeover in S's bathroom. We plan to replace that mirror and add a simple crown molding to the top to complete it. It had stripped wallpaper as u will see in the photos we took before we moved in. We the paint went up I thought it was too bright but once the room was put back together it all blended pretty well, I think. What do u think?? Now on too the kitchen and master bathroom guess what more wallpaper to remove JOY JOY anyone wanna HELP!!


Jennifer said...

hmmm, where the slide show is suppose to be it says "slide show empty" idk maybe it's just me :(

Just Another Army Wife said...

Are u still not able to see it?? It is working for me and I had another person check. Thats weird if u can't see this one but can see the birthday post.

Christi said...

Wow you did a great job!!