Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had my parents here at the last minute. My grandfather woke up Saturday morning and had the ambulance come pick him up they thought he had a heart attack so my mom & dad drove up to see him so they stopped to drop off Christmas presents since they were passing thru. To make along story short my grandfather didn't have a heart attack but they haven't concluded what exactly is going on he is still in the hospital but my parents came back late Sunday night and spent Christmas here and had early lunch then they drove home. Hopefully, my grandfather is gonna be a-ok and will get to go home soon. Last I heard they were doing more tests.

So on to Christmas.....

Last night (Christmas eve) we did the Santa stuff. J fell asleep while putting H down so it left my mom and me to finish wrapping and put toys together. We didn't go to bed until 2am. They were my first house guests, they loved the house.

I got up at 7am to start cooking the turkey so they could eat and hit the road. The girls got up at about 8am and S was soo suprised to see her presents around the tree. S got tired of unwrapping since she helped H with her stuff too. I should have put more stuff together for them. Next year I will.

Here are a couple pics...

Checking out H's toy..S is helping her figure it all out.

As u can tell by her face she wanted this a dr kit..

My mom & the girls. See S's pjs..those are the ones I sewed up for her while in AZ.

H testing our her toy. J is trying to make her hat stand up.

S in her bounce house. It was NASTY outside so she couldn't play outside with it. Everytime we go to a fair or festival they have these and the OLDer kids don't pay attention and trample on the little kids (where are the parents?) so I don't like S getting in them. We picked this up at the end of summer this yr in AZ so it was on clearance. It has a little ball pit then the entrance to the bouncing area. H was scared of it.

This was one of the first pics of the morning.

The girls together.

S riding her scooter, I know she can't wait to get outside with it.


Here is my new KITCHEN!! See I have been busy!!

Before & After


keri said...

It sounds like you had a lovely christmas!

Your kitchen reno was so zippy, I love the new appliances and floor =)

Just Another Army Wife said...

It still has lots of work! I want to redo the cabinets add hardware, take down the wallpaper and paint. It needs some new blinds they have so much to choose from.

Jennifer said...

hope ur grandpa gets better. looks love everyone enjoyed themselves, and ur kitchen is looking nice

manda said...

God the girls are cute & Growing so big!! i miss you & them so much!!!!!I cant wait to come visit. I got your card loved the picture!

doreen said...

Looks like you guys had a merry Christmas despite Grandpa being sick. I hope that the Dr.s are able to diagnose your Granddad and help him to be able to quicky come home.