Monday, October 30, 2006

24 hours

The contract has been signed and we are waiting to hear if our offer was accepted for the house. We will know in the next 24 hours!! If everything goes thru and our closing date doesn't change we could be in the house before Thanksgiving. They are replacing the carpet thru out the house, painting the walls & replacing the flooring in the kitchen.

A little about the house. It has 3 bedrooms 2 baths a decent size living room and kitchen. The backyard is a nice size for the kids to run around. This house is a little bit closer to Bragg than the other two. S will start school here and its seems to be a pretty good school, its year round tho...not sure how I feel about that we will see when she starts I guess.

We have been living in apartments since we got married, upstairs units at that so having room inside and out for the kids to run wild will be wonderful! I am trying not to get too excited until we hear back on our offer.

The other houses are still options just in case it falls thru. We have looked at older houses that we would need to put some love into up to new construction. We went with our gut on our decision and hopefully it will be the best choice for us. I guess only time will tell.


Jennifer said...

goodluck!! i hope it comes though for ya!