Thursday, September 21, 2006


J is done with the flying portion of school...woooweee!! Everything is working out just right. I hope next week moves faster than the weeks have been. Graduation is set, movers are scheduled. Leave & clearing papers are in hand. We are getting closer to leaving.

H is CRAWLING and trying to pull herself up. She hasn't pulled up on her feet but she has figured out how to on her knees. No sight of teeth yet but I sure hope they are coming. She has hit the mommy don't leave me phase or I walk in the room and she starts whining for me. Silly Girl!!

so anyway....

This weekend we hit up the books store and I left with two new books that I am gonna take on our trip. Shelby also picked up a Strawberry Shortcake book. We have been reading it all week at bedtime the pictures are so bright and pretty. While in the kids section I saw a knitting book for a $1.20 and it had some pretty nice patterns in it so I snagged it up.

Today was a good mail day. I got some flannel fabric that I ordered thru a coop. I don't have any plans for it tho.


Jennifer said...

oooo, i really like the panda flannel. that is really cute. i love my stitch n bitch book. i wanna try to make the sweater on pg 150 soon :)

Karina said...

love the flannel!

keri said...

The SNB book is a great one, there are lots of cute patterns. I've always liked the big bad baby blanket.