Thursday, July 06, 2006

4th of July

The Sky on the 4th of July!

We had a laid back 4th of July. It started raining right as S & I were leaving to go see the fireworks. J stayed at home with H since she was sleeping. So we sat in the car watched the fireworks. S started getting antsy after 20 mins of it so I we headed home and we were able to watch from the balcony. Had I known that would be the case we would of just planned on staying at the house with some music, popcorn & enjoyed the show.

Yesterday was the first time I missed Hawaii. They do a pretty good show of the fireworks on Schofield. I remember leaving with so much pride last year. We went to Bayfest and saw Brad Paisley. This time last year I knew I was pregnant with H but didn't actually take a test until a couple days later. Where did the year go?

Today lil munchkin had her 4 mth drs appt. S wanted to join along so I let her go even tho I knew she would be bored sitting at the drs office. H is 12 lbs and 24 in long...she is growing so fast. The doc said we can start giving her cereal, we didn't start that with S until she was closer to 6 mths old. I am not really impressed with the medical care here. She got 4 shots too! After waiting the 15 mins to see if she had a reaction she was fast alseep. I dropped her off at home with J, so S & I went shopping.

Lets fast forward a little. DH is dishing out ice cream for S & I. I *heart* Ice Cream. He hands me my bowl and I mumble the lack of sprinkles. He then returns with the remaining sprinkles and pours the container on my ice cream. Now I have sprinkles and ice cream vs. what I really wanted ice cream with sprinkles. It was rather funny u had to be here to get the humor out of it. Poor S was concerned that we no longer had sprinkles for her.

I hope the weather is nice but not HOT tomorrow so we can go swimming! I made Korkers tonight. When I am all done with them I will post up some pics.


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