Saturday, June 10, 2006

Soup n shoppin

It's the weekend YAY! Dh made his homemade Minestrone it was will prolly be even better today since it got to sit overnight.

I hit Walmart yesterday evening the $1 fabric table was LOADED. I could have spent HRS going thru it all. I did leave with 16 yards of fabric. I really need to go get more while its there. I need a craft room in my future house just for my stuff with a door so I can leave everything out haha. This lady really freaked me out when I was checking out. She put her HANDS in my hair then commented that it was pretty, well thanks women but u didn't need to touch it. She then talked about curly hair being ugly and humidity...FREAKS!!

This town is BORING! I am ready to move so I am counting down the days.