Monday, June 26, 2006

Ramble & a project

It's been pretty quiet around here. J finish up his FAA portion of schooling and past the final test. I am glad that class is over with. I think the next class is more hands-on, he has an overall average of a 92. I am so proud of him!! He has a break in class now it will give him a break and more family time. Hopefully, it won't push back our time for leaving here too far back.

Hubby's uncle that lives in Flordia was in the reserves and he just joined for active service. I am so excited for them. They are going to Ft. Drum talk about having all four seasons. I hope they like it up there.

We went to Tucson today to go shopping and we ate at Olive Garden. I had a BAD headache by the time we got home, which I think was from the sun. Some meds & sleep helped. I can still feel it a little bit but it's so much better than it was when we got home.

I finished up this dress this weekend. I haven't completed the bloomers yet. It looks like it fits H in this picture but the arm holes are a little big its a 6 mth size. I can't wait to make some variations of this dress using a solid print, rick-rack, pockets, buttons vs. the tie back. The pattern also has a hat. The fabric was $1 a yd for both the printed & lining material, good deal huh.


Crystal said...

Oh, wow. How cute! I think it turned out super cute - and don't worry about the armholes. That's almost a universal problem when sewing for babies -esp if you want them to be able to fit the outfit a month down the road.

Very pretty baby, by the way.

Just Another Army Wife said...