Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today was wash day, joy joy. I have one load to finish tomorrow along with washing my fabric I just bought. S helped me fold and put away her clothes, put her sheets and comforter back on her bed. H slept alot today must be having a growth spurt or something. She loves her saucer toy.

We got a duty assignment 3 weeks ago talk about being in the state of shock but dh was able to talk to branch. He replied back to dh, he removed that assignment and it's going to be changed but hasn't been updated yet so its blank again. We are waiting on it to appear on dh's record but its where we want to go and hopefully he will stay true to his word which I think he will. I still haven't wiped the smile off my face of pure happiness.

So......the plan is now to try and buy a house at our next duty location. We are done with the on post stuff and living in apartments. We did that too long in Hawaii, so now that we are back to realistic figures why not buy right. I can't wait to have a house for many reasons including a big backyard for the girls run around in. Hopefully, it will all work out. I think we are as ready as we will ever be.

Keep the prayers coming! As momma said, "Dreams do come true!"

My pregnancy hormones must be going back to normal cuz I am shedding hair like CrAzY!! I did this with S its aggravating.

Off to have a brownie and a big fat glass of milk then time for bedtime so I can start my day tomorrow.