Monday, May 22, 2006


It's been a great month!! I love MAY it's the best month ever.

Mother's Day, dh cooked breakfast and S set the table. It was such a relaxing day. The kids were great and dh took me shopping!! I love to shop spent alotta money but after all I am the momma. One of my goodies a sewing machine AKA "The Beast" of course I had to go buy material and all that other jazz! It's pretty, quiet and runs so nicely just like a well oiled machine!! I made a purse but I need the bamboo handles that I keep forgetting to pick up at Walmart. The next project is pj's for the kiddos.

DH's had two lovely days off last week he came home and took S to the pool. I was able to get my running around done and spend some time with him since schooling hrs are a little crazy. Can't complain tho he has a wonderful NCO's previously and a great unit so I am greatful that he has been able to be there with all the drs appts and time off when needed no extra duties, definately not a common thing with the military.

We discovered Tombstone this weekend its about 15 miles or so from here. We had a great time. We went to the Bird Cage Theatre took the self guided tour there and also we to the O.K. Corral to watch the gun fight. DH loved it, he loves history so that was right up his alley. It was hot tho so we are gonna go back since I didn't want the kiddos out in that heat to long we spent the majority of the day there. DH came home and watch "Tombstone" the movie..I tried to watch but of course fell asleep.

DH took me out to dinner for my birthday. I decided on Applebee's since we hadn't had that in a while. It was wonderful. I had a steak, veggies, mashed potatoes, DH had penne alfredo pasta, S had a corn dog, applesauce