Sunday, January 22, 2006

still around

I am still around...

It was a busy week, with babysitting and dh trying to get somewhere with moving.

Today we decided to be tourist which was nice we got some more scenic pictures of the island and went out for dinner with some friends. Tried to go use my gift card dh got me but I decided to just wait nothing said "buy me".

Tomorrow, we have a busy day..I hope to get up at a decent hour but be able to sleep thru the night.

I have been able to meet some girls that are stationed in AZ to get them to answer questions and all that good stuff...I love the internet!!! I also found out that one of dh's squad buddies went to AZ with his wife and there two kids....I don't know how I didn't know this beforehand but at least its someone that we actually know. I am ready to go!!! I have spoken two several different apartment managers about renting and I was suprised to hear that most people had openings which makes me not worry about a place to live. I am still hoping for the townhouse but if it falls thru then I have other options. I called about the townhouse to get an update the lady is super person is a definate that they are gonna wait for it..the other three haven't decided completely. I am xing my fingers that one of the three will back out cuz if so one of them is MINE!!!! I will be SO HAPPY. This is the best deal for what u get that I have been able to find and I have looked everywhere!

I am gonna miss my lil shopping buddy!! I am sure we will end up meeting up again for visits, talk each others ear off on the phone and chat on the net. I am gonna miss u girly girl!! Thanks for coming over and spending the day with us & the girls outfits I love them and can't wait for them to be worn.

I have started on our taxes...I am waiting on more info...before I can finalize it. I'd rather be safe than sorry and have to worry about headaches later. This yr is gonna be our biggest return ever!!

Munchkin hasnt had any accidents in the middle of the night but she did have two during the day this week..I think babysitting was the reason. She was to busy playing.

This week is gonna be a busy one..I got alot to get done!!



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