Saturday, January 28, 2006

Geniuses I tell ya

this is basically a vent cuz I can't stand stupid people.

1. why the hell does the military have to make something soo freaking simple into a big deal...I will never understand & I know this isn't the first nor the last time I'll bitch about this.

2. why is it when I call your business, over 5 times now I get the same freaking people that hardly speak english..I made a trip to deal with a LIVE person. It shouldn't have been that difficult...thankfully she helped me.

3. I faxed u 5 hrs prior to you even looking at your fax machine to see if u received my fax, WTF..this was after the issue of you faxing me information for a business that was confidential...makes ya wonder....but thanks for getting your job done today...I hope UPS shows up at my door tomorrow, otherwise I'll me pist and u will just get a lovely lil phone call.

OH, I could go on and on....

on a better note, I will be SOOO happy to be off this ROCK!! When we step foot on that plane all this moving mess will be over with. A vacation finally!!! DD is gonna be in heaven, gosh I can't wait!!

my first appts will be...tricare transferred, drs appts schedule & go see MY hair dresser!!

Resturants I'll go too...Zaxbys, Chick-fil-a, Sonny's, Mom & Dads, Applebees, Texas Roadhouse, Sonic..just to name a few...I gotta figure out what I want for my first meal altho Ill prolly be too tired to eat anything. You'll prolly catch me at the Waffle House the next morning tho.

Shopping I'll do...Target, Mall, all the new stores that are open, SUPER Walmart

Places we will take dd...Wild Adventures, Parks, movies with her cousins (curious george comes out) & all the other lil kiddy places...she is gonna be on cloud 9.

I can't wait to go see the girls & drs at the office...the nurses at the hospital...they are all gonna be saying OMG shes back!! They won't believe how big DD has gotten.

DH and I will have LOTS of date nights everyone will want to have there hands on DD. Hopefully, with all this activeness and running around Ill go into labor early on my own.