Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hubby made me a Bagel, Egg & Sausage sandwich this morning it was yummy but I couldn't eat it all. Munchkin was a good girl today besides not wanting to take a nap. Oprah kinda sucked today. My show ends tomorrow I might cry, JK. Altho more shows start so thats a good thing. DH is watching his shows tonight....nothing i am interested in. I am ready for my family to get here.

A story from my dh.....Josh is going thru the gate at Wheeler...and he gives the guard his ID and then the he is asked to pull over to the side..so he goes and parks and waits for they guy to come over...the guard says, do u know why i pulled u over? Dh says NO, WHY....the guard says, u don't have your child properly restrained in the car seat....josh says what child...he looks back and shel has her baby doll back there..sitting in her car seat.....the guy was saying how sorry he was...if u take a quick glance it does look like a real baby, dd just leaves it in the car to play withdh called to tell me of course i am cracking up..but dh was pist cuz it made him late.

u know its amazing at how much u know someone but u really don't...mostly it all ends negatively....u learn something new everyday.

people aren't like they used to be..i hate to see what this world is like 100 yrs from now.