Wednesday, August 24, 2005


This is sooo me!!!!

Are You a Perfectionist?

Although you're probably very conscious of how you look, you're willing to occasionally leave your house without every hair in place and every crease in line. You're very aware of your appearance, but you don't obsess about it. You're okay with changes in your getting-ready routine, and are fine with not always looking your absolute best.

Looks like you take very good care of your possessions — without obsessing about them. Since you probably take pride in the condition of your things, you like to keep your surroundings in a relatively neat, organized state. But you know that every little thing doesn't necessarily have one spot it has to be in at all times, and you're just fine if everything isn't always in peak shape. That's a great attitude — being aware of, but not overly concerned about, your possessions is an effective way of extending the lifespan of your things without causing yourself undue stress.

We can tell that you prefer to turn in top-notch work and always invest a significant amount of pride in every task you take on. But you also understand that it's important to have an open mind and a flexible attitude at work. That's why you're able to occasionally let your personal standards slide a little when your employer needs you to. So you stay open to change, while at the same time remaining organized and efficient enough to plan out a day or week at a time.
Keep up the good balance!
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