Friday, August 26, 2005


Rewind a little to

Wednesday...I had an early appt got there early and got out early woot!! Munchkin & I headed to go shopping. pick up a game for her...I actually wanted 2 but they didn't have Hi ho Cherry-O...I looked for a birthday present but they didn't have what I wanted I need to go to the NEX. I should have pick it up while we were there last week oh well...they did have the games and the present that I wanted why did I wait?? I found a gumball machine for dd's potty treats. So how she gets to get her potty treat outta the machine. We aren't using gum tho!!! I stopped at Jack in the Box for lunch it was the second time I have gone there. I LOVE the CURLY FRIES!! Munckin took a LONG nap cuz she was up way to early. I got the car washed cuz it needed it badly. We picked up hubby from work and went out to dinner with friends. Came home and we were tired. It was a long productive day!!

Thursday....cleaned the house & dh got off early. I went to my ultrasound appt. It was the first time we saw the baby and it makes it real actually seeing the baby for the first time. The ladys were sooo nice. One of the girls training was also a military wife and her dh works on Wheeler also. It was a great experience!!! The measurement that they got shows that my due date is gonna be closer to March like I had orginally thought. I say Feb 28th is close to what the drs will tell me so we will see. We left the office late and I thought we would get stuck in the afternoon traffice but DH zoomed right thru it. We had Subway for dinner it was good. I stopped at a friends house and dropped off some stuff for her and she gave me goodies from the mainland. UGH, makes me wanna go home. I caught up our tv shows that we had missed and to bed we went.