Monday, July 25, 2005

so anyway

Yesterday, I was playing around with templates and lost all my links and thats why things look different. I am searching for the perfect any sites to share send me the links!!!

I cleaned the house today...doesn't really take long..its not like this place is HUGE. It smells really fresh and clean tho. DH called while at work and got me motivated so I got done while he was home for lunch break. Remember the blanket that I am working on...well, I haven't picked it up and worked on it in a while.

The topic has been brought up about families returning home for deployments. When dh was in the beginning stages of deployment they wanted families to stay here in Hawaii, to support each other etc. I guess I am just one of the odd balls..dd and I went home. At the time she was 6 mths old. We weighted out our pros and cons....and we decided that we would go home. DD was young and most of our family had not even met her in person yet. So I was given the opportunity so I took it. I spent a mth in NY with family...and the rest of it I was in S. GA where both of our families live. I went back to work part time and dd was in part time daycare. We had our other vehicle there and I lived with my SIL, brother and they had a little girl while I was there also. If I didn't go daughter wouldn't know her great-grandparents grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Since dh wasn't here on the island to enjoy our daughter grow then what better way to do it with family. We still had our military installation in town if we needed anything, military, physicians etc. I stayed busy which made time fly by...

Would I do it again???

If I am not tearing her up outta school and away from her friends then yes...she is still little....also as long at it was a decision that both dh and I agreed on then, of course.

What would I change, if we had the situation come up again???

Well, we should have bought our first house while I was home...but we weren't thinking then....We took the benefit that they gave us....extra pay..saved deployment time comes again....we will go back home and purchase our house which the kids and I will live in while dh is gone. I would go back to work....daycare for the baby & I will put munchkin in Pre K 3.

Everyone is different and have the different views but u gotta do whats best for you and your family. I did what was best.

So back to my weekend....I got the boiled peanuts done. The ingredients were pefect too. They could have cooked longer but we were in a hurry to get to the N. Shore for the movie. DH wanted to bring them along so he could put a dent in them. My dad was suprised that I could even find them here. He better be glad cuz I would have made him mail me some. The next batch we are gonna spicy it up a little bit..but it should be really yummy.
I packed sandwiches, chips and drinks...parking was perfect. Park your car and they had 3 different trollies going from the parking lot to the park. They took u back also after the show. It was well organized. We met up with friend again....dd played most of the night she was all excited and giggily with the doggie. She had fun. I wish they would have "Sunset on the Beach" often on the North Shore.
I can't wait to go to the Dr, I feel like I am growing much quicker this time. 10 wks already wow!!