Saturday, July 23, 2005

It's Friday already

Got up early, fought off the BLAH feeling as dh comforted me. He made breakfast, got dd dressed and out the door we went.

I drove down to the NEX to get my peanuts, no they aren't GREEN like they are supposed to be but they are raw...Tomorrow I will make them...I wanted them today but I think I need more salt...rather have enough than not enough. A regular and cajun batch...I can't wait.

Then we hit Waikele...they had good sales down there. I picked up a pregnancy journal, its be best journal to have if u are pregnant. It was a gift (pregnant with Shelby) from my aunt, the aunt that has a cure for everything and an answer for ever parenting question. Also, the coolest ideas for parties and gifts. She is a GREAT LADY!!! She predicted my pregnancy early weeks before I knew. Every phone call, starting from the time I could be...she asked "are u pregnant"....I was like no....then guess what, I am pregnant. She proceeded to ask hubby how it felt to know he was gonna be a daddy again to 1 or 2 kids hahahaha....what is she trying to do to me. I love ya girl!!

We picked up lunch and took the rest of the day to relax only because they were coming to fix my fridge. Shopping was short I needed more friends time but oh well just an excuse to meet up again hahaah.

DH came home chilled and went to install an AC.

I have a headache right now. I didn't get a nap in like I have least I will sleep good tonight.

This weekend.....lots of family time outta the house. DH need to go play paintball so us gals will have girl time shopping and FOOD!!! I am NOT sitting in this house this WEEKEND!!!

and I wanna go on a CRUISE....the new cruise ship, Pride of America....7 days around the hawaiian islands. What a way to say u have visited the islands....there is a daycare, if you child needs to a diaper changed u get a beeper...when u are needed they beep freaking nice is that.


atoep said...

I like your writings. God bless.

Just Another Army Wife said...

Well, thank ya dear!!