Thursday, July 21, 2005

I asked

and he replied.....I said, U know what I want baby....he replied "everything" hahahhaa I love that man!! That wasn't what I really wanted but that will work hahaha.

This blog is gonna turn into a craving central blog.... I should re title it....What I am craving!!

I wanted Subway all that was dinner...easy enough. Well u know what I want now an ice pop...damn there just went a light bulb I have some in the fridge!!! Pregnancies are weird...with DD I didn't crave anything. This time around that is NOT the case!! I had horrible morning sickness with Shelby...and this time its nausea...on and off all day. I am feeling better than I have been which is good. I can't wait for the second trimester to start I should be feeling back to my ol self again.

Shopping was supposed to be on the agenda today.....well that is on hold until Friday. I am hitting the NEX to search for green peanuts cuz I want to make some yummy boiled peanuts. We are also going to hit Waikele for goodies.

and that drum...its not a drum....its a DRUMMIE too cute.