Tuesday, April 19, 2005

same ol'

I am gonna go crazy sitting in this house. Yes, I leave but this staying at home stuff is getting OLD. I was like this last time we were here. I love being able to be at home with dd..maybe if I were somewhere else it would be easier. I wanna go HOME!! This week I hate Hawaii....and its not even the middle of the week yet. It's a great place to come VISIT and see the sites but living here is just not in my blood...I am a COUNTRY GIRL.

DD has an drs appt so she can start gymnastics. I can't WAIT!! She will love it. She went swimming again today in her pool. It was 9 am and she was wanting to go in..but she went in after her nap. DH played with his heli again today until he drained the battery. DD played at the park..we had dinner and I watched a little tv. I hope I can get her to clean up the tornado that ripped thru her room.

nothing exciting here...rumor, rumors, rumors will there be another deployment...if so I am heading home!!

I think dh has a long weekend...I think we are hitting waikiki.....Spam Jam is coming up and its one of those things were we can say "been there, done that"