Thursday, April 14, 2005

I have fallen off track of my wisdom teeth are coming in and holy crap it hurts!! I should have gotten them all removed when I was told too. I wish I was home, I would just run to the dentist and get him to take them I don't want some quack in my mouth removing teeth. I am trying to deal with the pain. I did call an oral surgeon yesterday..the soonest they can see me is in 2 week... we will see what happens, so i will just be lazy

I got my new phone service hooked was the same guy that came to hook up the internet. He was really nice and quick. Everything has been working like it should..I am waiting the 72 hrs for the service to change over then dh will never get me off the phone.

Dh & I have been weighing out options of ETS'ing or staying in...he wants me to get certified which I should have done a long time ago, it takes a yr and then I will have a nice job market open to me. I just need to do it...I have a yr to take all the exams at home & sit for the final test. There are multiple options for us just not sure whats the right one...

Decisions, decisions....right now we are waiting it out...the military is so unpredictible.