Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Things seem to be going good around here. The military gets on my nerves sometimes but Josh is on leave now. We will be going to the beach alot!! Today we went shopping Walmart, Sams, Sears & Circuit City. We are buying a new TV, I am kinda excited..but don't wanna spend the money. Shelby is also getting fish soon, we don't want cats or dogs so fish will work and she likes them. When we make our Walmart trips we go to the fish section so she can sit there and say fish a million times. We were gonna get them today but decided to make another day out of it since we were really checking out TV's today.

Last night, Shelby slept almost all of the night. She work up at about 2 I think it was..but she layed back in her bed and went back to sleep and slept until 8:30 am. She is in a toddler bed now and she really likes it. We have pictures of family beside her bed on the wall so she can see them and tell them all nite-nite. She is learning the names with the faces. Our cousins in NY are who ones she says so cute, I still have to put up more pictures up there names are Luke and Thomas but she makes it sound like Tompas..she puts that p sound in it, really cute. Along with this her graduating to her own bed, instead of mine we are also no longer breastfeeding. I think 18 1/2 mths are a well accomplished amount of time for me feeding her. Breastfeeding definately isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. Today, makes 5 days of no feedings and I don't plan on breaking down and letting her feed again, the timing just feels right I guess.

The weather here has been rainy so Shelby hasn't had her playground trips like normal. Hopefully, it will clear up for her soon. We played with chalk today on the balcony she love to write and paint. We saved some packing paper for her to use to play artist on with water colors so we do that outside. Shelby is facinated with the bird feeder that Josh hung outside she can see the birds eating while we eat our meals at the table. Daddy and her have been playing chase & hide n seek around the house just like she has another child in the house to play with, hubby makes a great playmate. She is such a great kid with a wonderful father..we are glad he is home!!