Monday, February 14, 2005

I have been busy these days!! We took dd to the movies and she is loved it. I have been working on some on projects. I completed a flag bead banner & I have one more to complete which I need more beads for. I think I am going to attempt a painting project next. This is my how I am enjoying my quiet time.

We have out network hooked up & I love it. Altho we are sending dh laptop to get a new burner..and its covered under the warranty so thats rockin awesome. I will miss it but I want it fixed..I have missed the ability to burn stuff while he was gone and no having my bro's computer to do it. I need to get all dd pics off there they are taking over the computer. Now if I can just get dh moviated to get the desktop completed we will be all set.

I am in love with Netflix. We get 2 movies for us and 1 for dd each go around and she loves it. I love just walking to the mailbox to get the movies and to put them in. Saves us time and the hassle of going to the movie store. I am catching up with dh on all the movies he got to see while deployed.

Tonight I indulged into pina colada drinks OMG they were so good!!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I am making a yummy dinner for hubby!!