Monday, January 10, 2005

Writing twice in one day how amazing.

My boring day turned into a busy one after I removed myself from the internet. Shel decided to take a bath mid afternoon so I let her. These days she just likes playing in the water coming straight out the facuet, give her a cup and she can play for hours which sometimes makes her getting out hard. I have some of that on video tape waiting on her daddy to see. After she decided she was ready to get out I jumped in for a quick refresher shower to try and feel better. Well, while I was in there she got ahold of some lip gloss, well she had it all over the place..thankfully just on her body. So she went in for a bath again but this time she didn't want to get in the tub. I vaccumed the livingroom twice today..I guess she just wanted me to work today, I donno.

I let her play with water color today while I cooked lunch...She didn't know what exactly to do but I gave her the paintbrush and showed her how it worked and thought he would rather put her finger in it and paint but she opted for the brush. She has fun until she decided she wanted to watch Shrek 2...I almost know all the words.

It rained really hard last night I want it to rain again tonight but be pretty tomorrow. I had a pizza and beer for dinner it was good and dd had a Shrek Kid Cuisine...oh we are getting a Shrek Candy maker...I can't wait to get it so I can play with it hahaha. My freezer is loaded with food, that is one thing I don't have to do when hubby gets home. He just needs to come home and eat it. I just have to clean which I won't do until it gets really close so I just have to do it once.

I wanna go to some yard sales and find some bargains.