Thursday, January 13, 2005

I am suffering from a headache..why am I on the net?? why do I have this headache 3 days could be a migraine which would not be good at all.

Today was a pretty quiet day. We had an appt this morning and then I went to get some pay corrected but I decided after I got there that I would let hubby deal with that crap when he gets home. I hate getting the run around, I couldn't be in the military they would kick me out. We will have back pay which is always a good thing. We played for a while this afternoon outside on the balcony with chalk and watched the helicopters fly around. Tonight was pizza night since I let time pass me by and it was 6pm before I realized how late it was.

We drove up to the North Shore to check out the waves. I was gonna let dd get out and play but she fell asleep before we got there. It was a nice journey as always, I love the views here.

I have some things I need to do tomorrow make dd a drs appt, call wally world n check on paperwork being received so I can get my len replaced, I need to buy a mop so I can mop my floors. I need to wash my car and do laundry too. All of this won't get done tomorrow!!

oh and we have a re deployment meeting tomorrow night!! I can't forget about that!!!!