Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My best friend came for the weekend but left early to beat the storm before it hit them. We had a great time while she was here. I wish we would of stayed in contact after high school. I have already missed so much of her kiddos lives. They are both great kids. I am hoping that I will get to see them a couple of times before I head back to that rock in Hawaii. I am dying to go the beach..before to much longer it will be gettin cold here..buurrrr I like the cold my bones don't like it.

Sunday, my FIL came and picked up DD oh gosh I have been needing mommie time. It was really nice I got to take a shower in peace. Went to walmart alone hahaha (found dd halloween outfit, a ladybug & got myself pjs that say "I love a man in uniform)....and dd also flew a kite before the rains came crashing down from the storm. My FIL took her up there it was awesome, they called me as they were gettin there so I could see..I am hoping for some more windy days so we can go back out cuz I really need some video tape of her flying it. We also made a dinner for my bro and dad for the birthdays and we had my FIL and MIL over for dinner

What a boring holiday....dang hurricane make today completely miserable. I got some sleep tho. Last night we saw a tent laying along side our neighbors car. This morning it was between the two houses. It would blow back and forth along the houses all afternoon finally it headed out to the drive way and we caught it before it damages up my SIL car..so we are outside in the wind and rain trying to break this dang thing down before it does damage...the legs of it were already bent in have..all but one..so we cut it up so we could get it all apart. My SIL broke a fingernail in the process that was our excitement for the day...and dd was all fussy..i think it was he teeth tho

I gotta get in bed!!!