Thursday, June 17, 2004

I can't wait until my husband is home...

we will get to be a family again,play with our daughter together..teach her all the thing we did as kids,eat dinner as a family, dh can scratch my back when I get an itch, we get to go to all the great beaches in Hawaii...there is so much more

Things I miss most...

my husband

i miss his voice, smiles and jokes

i miss the chocolate that he brings home as a special treat because I don't expect it

being able to communicate normally with my husband (but thank god for the internet)

cooking dinner together and him cooking for me

cuddling on the couch making him watch girly movies also him making fun of my reality tv shows that I love to watch

i miss our routine of brushing our teeth before bed time to see who would jump in the bed first and win for the night (and if he beat me i would make up an excuse for him to be the loser)...just something crazy we started doing when I was preggo with DD

i miss the alarm clock waking me up for him to leave for PT, how crazy is that

i miss the morning kiss goodbye off to work I go

i miss watching him play with DD..i miss watching her face light up when her daddy walked thru the door after a days work

i miss him cheering me up when i had a bad day

i miss the words "I Love You"

Just a few of the things I miss most about my husband

I love you baby!!!

BE SAFE we are almost half way thru this deployment