Friday, March 26, 2004

Oh Duh, forgot to tell u that I heard from DH!! How could I of forgotten that?? Maybe cuz its been a LONG DAY!!

Here is what he said....

DH:I know that your probly sleeping, but I just wanted to let you know that I was here. I called dad the other day. I tried to call you but the got the answering machine. Im thrilled to hear dd is starting to talk. I wish I could hear her. the only thing I have on my wish list right now is some AVEENO

DH:I have just about everything I need out here for now.
right now we live in a old warehouse. pidgens still live there too so there is birds (EDIT), going potty LOL on all our stuff. we will live there until the trailers are ready. Its getting hotter eveyday. I have been on guard details the whole time I have been here. it sucks.

DH:the food is terrible I would rather eat MRE's than the chow hall. lol

DH: I havent been abe to play my PS2 since I have been here. as soon as the PX gets some TV's I will though. (If they get any) The Px here really is more like the size of a convenient store and they dont have anything.

Thats about it from his world...I really wish he could do an online blog but maybe in the future he will be able too!!!

Love ya Baby

Only about 297 more day!!!