Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Ketchup LOL

Oh Boy, I am soo behind on this Blog. I am BAD!!

Thanks Dianna for letting me know I am behind. If someone tells me then I feel bad. haha So here it is.

Wow, I just realized its been a while since I really did write in this...omg

Well since its been awhile here is the update.

DH is in Iraq. I haven't heard from him but Dianna has been so great in giving me all the details that I should know. If it wasn't for her I would be sitting here wondering. We miss him but we are happy that he got there safely. I can't wait to get a letter from him. I know they are busy and it will probably be a while but I would like to know how he is feeling being over there.

Shelby and I are doing good just a little under the weather right now. Shelby has been battling it for 6 days now. I am gonna call the Dr and see if there is anything else he can do since its been going on for so long. They have her on Meds it just doesn't seem like its working like it should.

This weekend we orginally planned on meeting one of my friends that was in Hawaii with us in Columbus, GA. She has a little boy that was born 3 days before Shelby and she is also so nice to us. She is getting her furniture shipped back here to GA and she let us put our baby stuff in there so Shelby will have her crib to sleep in. Since Shelby is sick I don't wanna get Justin sick so we will just go up there another time.

bb to write more